Need help finding a story :o

Hey guys!
I need help finding a story. I’ve read it, but I want to find it again, but it seems like it has vanished from my favorites.

I cannot quite remember the beginning. But it’s a girl(pretty sure she’s an adult) who somehow meet this millionaire/billionaire who’s ‘incapable of love’. When he was little, his father abused and ended killing his biological mother, while he saw it.
He likes the girl but can’t say he loves her. He was adopted by the policeofficer(a woman) who handled the case with his mother’s death. He has an article is his study about what happened.

He eventually says he love her. He does it in the living room, where he falls down on his knees crying and and she holds him and he says: “I love you so much, and it f*cking hurts.”

You also choose in the story if you want children or not, and if you say yes to that, it will happen later, but he doesn’t want it and when he finds out he storms out and only comes back the day after. He wants her to get an abortion, but when he sees the baby, they decide to keep it.

As far as I remember, he is also doing some illegal stuff, because he a few times came home completely beaten up.

I know it’s a long shot. But I can’t get it out of my head, and I hope it’s enough information for some of you to recognize the story. It was under the romance category, possibly also drama. It’s limelight and was pretty long as far as I remember

Thank you in advance for those who might help me with finding out:)
Ily - Nina


I could check some stories to see if I’ll find it. But if You do, please let me know the name of the story since it sounds really interesting :sparkling_heart:


I don’t known if you’re still interested in reading the story, but I found out that the story is called ‘Broken rules’ by Millie_s:)