Need help finding a storyy about a girl from a band



HI GUYS!!! Just needing some assistance in finding a story that I accidentally didn’t save to favourites, due to technological issues…

ill cut to the chase, the story is about (only got to read one episode) a band (3x boys, 3x girls) the MC is the leader of singing within the group her name is Sabrina, and they perform like every night at this bar. Sabrina’s love interest is called Enzo! he visits back his hometown one night and hears Sabrina singing automatically regaining old feelings for Sabrina… everyone wants Sabrina especially this one guy from the band (he’s extremely over protected over her) but every guy wants her, Sabrina is hard to get but Enzo still loves her. Can someone please help me find this story or if anyone has suggestions as to what it might be! im sorry if mummbelled on abit much but this story has been on my mind for a longggggg time :blush:
Thank you for helping me out !!

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The story is called The Reason!


Thank you heaps girlyyyyy :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


No problem! Glad I could help you! :heart: