Need Help finding a stoy

I was watching a game play on YouTube a while back where this mafia leader from America travels to the Middle East (Lebanon) for his hotel where he runs into this girl mafia leader and she is able to talk to snakes because of an experiment that was done on her when she was younger. The gangs are rivals. The Mc also runs the gang with her 3 sister (adoptive) one is a hacker. I just need help either fining the story on YouTube or episode plzzzz. I remember the first episode it starts with the Li in America at his hotel then something happens with the business he owns in Lebanon and has to travel there which is where he meets the Mc in a club with her other 2 sisters, Pleaseeee i need help finding this story!!!

I don’t know what the story was but if you found it on youtube chances are it’s from either channel episode daily or episode daily II. If you go through their videos and playlists you might be able to find it.

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