Need help finding an old story from years ago!

I’m trying to find old episode stories that I used to love when I first started using the app. I’ve found a few like Chain Reaction and Death’s Game. However, I remember one that I can’t seem to find.

I think it was called something like Remember Me. I’m pretty sure it was about a girl whose boyfriend or husband had been in an accident and has amnesia and can’t remember who she is. I could be wrong, but I also think the cover where the description is was him in a hospital bed and her crying with mascara running.

I know it’s very vague but unfortunately that’s all I can remember (kinda ironic ahah). The stories I’ve found with a similar name don’t seem to be it as I remember it being quite popular. Thanks :))


I’m so upset bc Ik what ur talking abt but can’t find the story :sob::sob:

Wait is it Melody of Your Heartbeat?

Actually I don’t think it is.

Same :sob:

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No I don’t think so :frowning: but the name does sound familiar!!

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Have you tried using search option, type in a word relevant to story, like amnesia, and if any post that’s ever talked about that story is on the forum ; it will show up…I’ve found stories myself that way…

I’ll give that a go and hopefully someones posted about it! Thank you!!!