Need Help Finding Background Owner

I have this google drive I saved some time ago, however I do not recall who the drive belongs too. The drive does not include any of the information. I’d like to use some of the backgrounds if that’s ok with the creator, but I also need to credit them if its okay with them.

So if anyone can help me track them down, thank you!

This is the link to the google drive.

The backgrounds that looked animated or cartoon or art images looks copyrighted to me., but the school ones and limelight are good to go. The rest of those backgrounds looks copyrighted.

I was thinking the same thing for some of them, thanks for the heads up.

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I know who the person is, but I cant remember her name, I will also check my bookmark to see if i have her drive as well so i can remove it, i just notice that. Good thing i didnt use that drive as yet.

I just found where I got it, from this thread:

There seems to be some confusion on what is and isn’t copyrighted. So maybe it’s safe to not use it.

Those are copyrighted images. DO NOT USE THEM.

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Especially if it’s not being approved the first round, and the advice is to try again :thinking:

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Yeah, I’ll be removing this drive.

Thank you!

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I just read her replies, and she doesn’t understand that she can get in trouble for that, but that is her choice I guess, idk. People don’t care at all. Just my opinion.

Will still end up rejected. but anyway, glad we got that sorted. :wink:

Yeah that was a red flag for me. Same, thanks again!

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np :wink:

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i’d appreciate it if you take my comment down. :slight_smile:

also, she tests the backgrounds out to see if they’re copyrighted before she gives them to us

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What do you mean she tests? :thinking:

Oh she wasnt really meaning the comment, she wanted to find the thread, but it will be taken down. She will just have to copy the thread link.

Wait, Ill just copy n leave the link.

@theSoullessSyd you can delete your comment with the @LI05 thread comment.

she puts them in herself and if its approved she puts them in

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Hm… okay.


But, still I am having a bad feeling that if she got those backgrounds from off google, it is still copyrighted. She still may get in trouble for that.

But anyway, if she says its approved, and whatever else she says, then fine, I guess.

. :woman_shrugging:

Sorry, I didn’t realize I had quoted your comment exactly . My apologies.