Need help finding episode story (found)

Hi guys i’m looking for the name of this story i played awhile ago but i can’t remember the name. It was in Ink. You could customize the characters. You played the girl who lived with her husband and was trying for a baby but couldn’t get pregnant so she sleeps with the ‘bad boy ‘ next door to get pregnant . and it turns out the husband had a vasectomy and that’s why she couldn’t get pregnant. that’s all i can remember as of now. it was this big ass drama. If anyone knows the name let me know thank you !!:revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:


It will be our secret
Haci is title

Omg thank you so much !! that was it :sob::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

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The original ink version is called The Pregnancy Game!

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It will be our secret…It’s also an episode featured story…

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omg yes💞 it was this version i read. thank you so much for your help💜

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No problem! :two_hearts:

Can you help me find a story? The story is basically this girl who moved to a new town (she moves in and lives with this girl, her roommate ) then she shows up to school in a motobike, she kisses this bullied guy. Later she attends the school and makes friends with the friend group of her roommate, in the friend Group there’s this guy with black hair (who they dance together in prom) and she falls inlove with him and stuff however she’s still hurt over her blue haired ex who cheated on her when he was drunk and at the end she has the choice of either picking the blue haired guy or the guy with black hair , sorry to bother