Need help finding good fantasy stories

College of eternity is such a good one! the characters and the plot itself is just chefs kiss
However, there’s 4 LIs. But tbh I only favourited one the whole time and it didn’t really affect me in the story or how the other LIs treated me (they treated me as friends, which I wanted )so if you prefer just having one love interest , I’m sure you will be fine.

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Hey! Shameless self-promotion here but I have a fantasy story that you might like:

Story: The Cure & The Cause
Author: Bellucci
Genre: Fantasy
No. of episodes: 7 (ongoing)
Description: When Safina is faced with the Headmistress of the Ravenscourt Academy, secrets begin to unfold. What happens when she uncovers more about herself and the people around her?
Link: Episode Writer Portal
IG: @bellucci.episode