Need help finding stories? So do I!💕

: a girl gets graped or assaulted or like thrown into a river to die I can’t remember which one but she almost dies so she fakes her death and not even her parents cared about her. She got graped and tried to kill herself in a ocean from the pain and I think a man stops/saves her and she comes back to get revenge and justice for her grape

: another one was that a girl stole a boys assignment for some reason and when the boy comes back he notices it’s gone doesn’t know who took it or what happened I forgot the name but it had something to do with a missing assignment or homework

Don’t know the second one but could the first one be Dead Woman Walking?


The first one is Dead Woman Walking.

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i’m so sorry to jump in on this with my own thing but I also need some help finding a story :sob::sob: I remember it was part of one of the LGBTQ award winning shelves probably like a year or two ago. it took place in the 60s or 70s and had a lot of cool colors and filters. it was about this conservative girl who like was a really good student and then overworked herself and ended up in the hospital, then she found out she had this rare deadly disease and decided to live her life with more freedom. she also came out as queer and ppl started treating her badly bc of it and i think it showed other LGBTQ ppl who ended up in really extreme conversion therapy and were put in mental hospitals or sum. idk if it was ever completed but i think the MC started hanging out w hippies and became one in the end.

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