NEED HELP finding story about roommates!

I’m looking for a story that I read July 2019, about two best friends that are roommates. They have some sort of bet that they can’t be fwb without the girl catching feelings. All I remember is the guy is a player, and in the beginning of the story goes with his best friend/roommate to ikea to get a new dresser. the girl was dating another guy but they ended up breaking up because he was a workaholic. And I know that’s not much but it was pretty popular so I’m hoping you can find it.

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do you know what genre it was?

probably either romance or drama!

did you checked to top, because you said it was pretty populair, it’s a big chance that it will stand in the top drama/romance! :blue_heart:

I have checked the top, but I don’t think it’s there anymore because I read it so long ago:/

do you remember the author?

nooo i don’t which sucks because all i remember is the plot but it was one of the stories where you can change your name and the way you look (I’m new to the community I’m not sure if that’s common/has a name)

it’s called CC
don’t apologize for that love!
I don’t know the story, I’m sorry but maybe if it’s about vampires for example, you search for vampire, and than you look at stories with a lot of reads and with CC and maybe you’ll find it
sorry I can’t help you more :pensive:

Hi I’m new here I am having trouble finding stories. I just recently got a story called my sister Crush. this story is about a girl who has a twin sister her and her sister too opposite people I decided to name my character Brooklyn. Brooklyn lives with her sister and her mom her dad ran away when he found out her mother was pregnant with twins Brooklyn mother seems to have Favoritism for her other daughter Which has caused Brooklyn and her mother’s relationship to fall apart.Brooklyn is a smart beautiful girl who’s twin sister treats like garbage. one day her twin sister gets her sent away to a juvenile detention Camp thing .Where Brooklyn goes from sweet loving caring girl to a girl who doesn’t take nothing from nobody. I would love to find a story just like this or something like the new girl With Romance can you help me

thank you so much!!! :slight_smile: i tried the search and still nothing popped up, but i appreciate you helping me out!:heart:

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I need help finding a story… I don’t really remember much though…
All I remember is that it was like two brothers I think and one was a Proffesor at some college and in one Epi the MC ended up having to go with him to a class… It was a fantasy type story and I remember this one scene where the MC and the two men went to their child hood home… And later in the story in one episode it featured characters from a different storie… Also their was points given and tooken away for each brother.
I know this isn’t much but if you could help…

I need help finding a story. I read it last year and want to read it again but I just don’t know what it was called. It was abt this British girl that ran away ig and she moved in with a boy and they fall in love but don’t really date that much but then they end having twins. The girl is an identical twin too.

Hey guys I really need your help, does anyone know of a story about a girl who’s an “epituber” and she does makeup tutorials, she has a bossy manager called Olivia and another one called Leon Ashwood who she likes? There was also a guy called Dash West I think? If that description rings a bell please please please tell me the name?
Thank you in advance

Hello everyone… Im new to this please bare with me… HELPPPP PLEASE!!! My phone reset and I lost ALL my progress with episodes & can seem to get a successful restore… what a bummer! Can anyone tell me the name of the story where a guy (i think his name was josh not sure) he is a teacher (and is a waiter some nights) is looking for someone to rent a room in his house. It ends up begin a female (who was tired of her mother and decided to live on her own) despite his rule of not falling for a roommate the fall for each other. They ended up having to move and staying with his best friend (who also fell for the girl). In the beginning of the store Josh (not sure his correct name) was in love with )Melanie (not sure her name either… a girl with tattoos) who basically just played with his emotions… he best friend pretended to date melanie to hide his true feelings for the josh’s roommate…

I’ve been trying to find this story since I switched from android to IOS I lost everything and I’ve been reading episodes for about 3-4 years I had so many saved and so many that I’ve read and re-read. If you could help me find this one I would be sooo happy so here’s what I remember. You customize the female MC I don’t remember her name but she has a son who I think is 4 and his name is Axel. She is an interior designer and her ex has a new girlfriend who I think has orange hair and is kinda phsyco and he doesn’t even really like her. The female MC is single and she has a girl best friend and a gay guy best friend. Female MC meets the love interest named Warrick he hires her as his own interior designer and he brings her to all his other houses so she can decorate them and she can bring Axel with her. Warrick loves his houses to be black and they don’t start dating for a while so Axel is happy. Axel and Warrick get a long great and he calls him Axeman. I’m pretty sure the Female MC asks Warrick out. I don’t remember much more other than they all had a huge pajama party at Warricks in his home movie theater. If you guys remember the authors name or the title please let me know I really want to read this and it’s hard to find it when you start all over and have no favorites saved anymore. I love you guys thank you!!

sounds like bad boy rommate