Need help finding story please!

I don’t know if it’s still around or not, I started reading it a long time ago. All I remember is it’s about a girl thief and a guy cop who fall in love, but he has no idea she’s a thief. Although, I think she knows he’s a cop. It’s kind of cliché and a bit corny, her parents are also thieves and his parents are also cops. She has a gay brother and he was a gay best friend who both meet and fall in love as well. And if I remember correctly, the girl has long black curly hair and I think pale skin. I also think the cop had really tan skin with dark hair. Let me know if this rings a bell, anyone! Oh and it’s a classic one by the way! Not Ink or Limelight.

Hi guys. I’m looking for a story. I hope I can remember the details. I think it was about two brothers. One of the brothers love to sleep around with different women and the other got a woman pregnant and he meet the baby years later and ended up having more children with her. The brother that settled down had a black woman as his assistant/secretary and his younger brother fell in love with her but she made him work really hard to earned her trust because of his pass and they married each other. I didn’t finish the story yet but now I can’t remember the name of the story :frowning:. Please help. Thank you in advance.