Need help finding story 😓

so i haven’t played episode in maybe 5+ years and i vaguely remember a story i loved. it was the classic style, and the mc was a girl, i think she had a bunch of older brothers? she got kidnapped maybe more than once by these guys… that’s all i really remember but her kidnappers could have been like people they knew? im sorry of this is a stretch but i cant get it off my mind :sob:


I think you won’t find the story anymore if it’s in Classic.:green_heart:
All stories with this style is removed or going to be because Episode wants to concentrate on developing LL style. :frowning:

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Where did you hear that classic stories are going to be removed? They’re still available on the app, but you just have to search a little harder because Episode does not promote them anymore.

To the OP, here is a list of classic stories that someone from the community made a while back. Most of the ones listed here are still available. If you can’t find the story name, try searching the author.


Episode in a Forum post said that they are not updating Classic and INK anymore as they want to move on and develop Limelight. :woman_shrugging:t3:

This is about INK stories:

I can’t find an official post about Classic but if you search it, some people are still writing in it. Only a small part as they don’t get updates and look kind of weird as people have said.

Also I can swear a friend of mine told me so.

Oh, but that doesn’t mean they’re removing stories with those artstyles from the app altogether. They just meant that they’re not updating them anymore.


Kinda sad. I joined the community when INK was popular so I don’t know a lot about Classic. I have read 2-3 stories but was not a fan of them. :upside_down_face:

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ah i see, well it was worth a shot :sob: ill still search and see if i can find the name but thanks!

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wait… yall i feel so stupid :sob: i recently looked at the different episode styles and its ink… :skull: the story was in ink not classic, man im so sorry lmao

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AHAH bless you

Does anyone know this story??

The girl was name Violet because she has purple eyes…. She was separated from her family when she was a baby somehow….
I know she is a twin and her twin is a boy and I think the last name was green. But they didn’t end up reuniting with each other until later on in life.
The mother also like kept her room up to date with the age she would’ve been that year.
Ohh!! And the high school or college the kids attended too was actually owned by their family. Something with Green in it.
Please help me it was a lonngggg time ago

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Hello! I’ve been reading Episode stories for a couple years now and I can’t find this one story and need help! From what I remember… it is about a girl who goes to college and moves in with friends nextdoor to a guy and his friends. He’s a little standoffish because he has a friend that is a girl back home and she has always been in love with him, but when he falls for the girl he lives next to, his friend from home gets up and ends up having cancer. Can anyone help me find this story? It is a story where choices matter I believe.

Hiii, can you guys help me too. I am searching for the story everywhere but cannot find it.
So, basically the MC is engaged to someone and they are planning to move to a new city but she finds out that he cheated on her so she breaks up and move to the new city herself. There she meets a group of friends and in that group of friend only she fell in love with a guy (basically the sister of the girl that first meets the MC). The guy was in relationship with another girl from the group but she cheats and he left her. But the girl tries to come back by saying she is pregnant but the child is not his. The sister of the guy also dies and the MC is pregnant at that time. There were also art scenes and it also got turned into paid story. Can you guys please help me find it?? Love u all. I can’t find it anywhere and I want to read it so bad :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear:

It’s called (Now or Never) by Maavan.

Help please! I’m trying to find a story I read a really long time ago. In the story the girl pretends to be the wife or fiancé of this guy because his dad said he needs to be married or have a fiancé to take over the company or something like that. I remember a scene where you can choose to kiss him in the library or something like that on a couch. I think she lives in his house, I know she talks with the house keeper. I really don’t remember much besides the detail that it was a fake relationship, and there’s a timeline where she can choose to stay married or not I think. It is not Fiance for hire.

yo guys,
I read an episode story about 3 yrs ago. I don’t remember much. the story was about a girl who got pregnant unexpectedly in an impractical way. I think it was through an app related to a firm or something which she logged in ig. then they found two biological fathers. the story as far as I remember is the 3 of them going through this pregnancy and finally, the female lead ending up with anyone one of them or both :rofl:. that’s all I remember.
:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

what is the name of that episode choose your own story thats is about a single mother who got pregnant as a teen and has twins. She has to move back to her hometown because she got fired from her job, and runs into her ex boyfriend. Her ex boyfriends the father of her children is some sort of important guy. and her dreams is to have a restaurant names Nova

I’m looking for a story which I last read back in 2021. It was in limelight. The main character along with 2 other love interests go to a trip to Egypt, where the MC accidentally breaks a magical artifact. The god “Heh” appears who makes the MC and the two love interests travel through dimensions to piece the artifact together. Later they meet an alien who is another love interest of the MC. In one of the dimensions, the MC and the love interest are turned into mermaids. I also remember that Heh had a daughter who looked similar to the MC who had been lost in time or something. I believe this story was in the sci-fi genre. It was well written and directed.

Through the worlds? If so it’s no longer on the app

Hey does anyone know this story and the name? It is one of the community stories, not one of the originals. The main character’s name is like rosalina and she is rich and is dating this other rich guy. But she starts talking to this poor boy at her school and starts dating him. He has like a 13 year old sister and a 6 year old brother. The mom is like always drinking or smtg. Do any of y’all know whatstory this is? PLS HELP ME IVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR MONTHS!

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