Need help finding this story


I just joined this forum so idk how to make my own post but I also can’t find a story.

Basically it’s a mafia story where this girl changes her last name because her father taught her how to be a ruthless assassin known as THE TIGRESS. She’s hiding from him and is “undercover” in college. She’s trying to be normal and she made a new sorority group called the outsiders (or outcast) something like that. She meets some FBI agent for counseling here and there. When she kills somebody, she puts a tiger lily on them.

I just read it recently but can’t find it. Idk if I favorited it or not

it’s called Ego Season

sadly the author lolo.writes chose to delete her account because she wasn’t happy with it <3

NOOOOOOOOOOO OMG I’m broken now. Thank you so much tho!