Need help finishing coding a tricky section of my story

I’m creating an inventory space at the end of my game that’s a grid of 3X3. What I want it to do is when I tap on one of the boxes I want a custom image I’ve made to pop up so they can read up on what they’ve collected. Sometimes like the first thing they collect there is more than one paper they would need to once the window of what they found opens to be able to tap to see the next page and maybe another I’m not sure. I have the inventory started from what I could figure out but I’ve hit a wall and need help getting over it.

this is what I have so far

it goes down a bit more into sound work and hey info but I couldn’t fit it in the screenshot.
I’m willing to give access to the account this image was taken form so you can code directly into it.

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to make an overlay tappable, you can check Joseph Evans’ videos out. he does a good job of explaining it

ive seen all his videos thats how ive gotten as far as i have

@Dara.Amarie also has a website that explains advanced coding
Tappable overlays Link
She also has a tab where you can ask a person on her team for help.

thank you so much ill look into this

that didnt help. i was hoping to find someone that will code it for me

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:
Do you already have all the overlays made?

yes all the overlays are made

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I think I can code it for you if you want.

sweet!! please pm me

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