Need help for a cover <3

Hiiii dear Episode Readers! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
My Name is Lucia and I Need help :frowning:
So I’m writing a new Story and I need a Cover. A small and a large one. :hugs:
The Cover should become a digital Artcover! :heart:

My new coming Story is called: Especially

The Topics for the Cover:

She looks like this. Just her hair needs to be fawn and not White.

She should stand “firty” and “dangerous” and hold a White magic ball in her Hand!
The Background shoud also be dangerous.


As a counteroffer you come in my Story and will be mentioned. :heart:
You have enough time. Like 1 Month or something like this!

love ya! Byeee :two_hearts:

My Insta: @epy.lucy


You can go here if you want!

You cna change her hair color ot fawn and i can do it. I just need to find the power ball. Can it be blue?