Need help for an pro directing code ( not advanced but pro )

There’s someone can help me or I pay to make directing code I want for my contest story
Just dm me if you can help!

I thinks it will be better if you say what you wants help with :yellow_heart:

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So, can you help me with that?

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Me can try I will message you…!:yellow_heart:

Like code the entire story?

What exactly do u need coded ? Maybe if u put what it is maybe more people can help


Not whole but some part, I don’t try yet
That’s why I need help hehe

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Yeah my bad english isn’t my native language
Can you?

I dmed you on insta i can see how i can help

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Okay dear

I’m not sure as idk what your looking for , if u can pm and explain I can let u know if I can or can’t then :sweat_smile:

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