Need help for Art scenes


Hey, so I’m currently writing a story called Wolf of Dawn and need some art scenes for it, message me to help, I will give all credits in all episode. It would be really helpful if someone could help, I’d appreciate it <3 :two_hearts:


I would love to


I can do covers but not art scenes.
Go to my art shop to see my examples! Link


I can make your art scene edit for you


Hey I need a art scenes for my story “It’s just not love equation” please message me to help, I will give credits. I really need the art scenes. It would mean a lot if anyone can help.


that would be great! <3 pm me for the info


Can you give me your character details and background, outfit, and pose.


sure, so

i need an art scene like this and they’re in a storage room

the boy: Skin color: Gold 02 , brows: straight medium in dark brown, hair: slicked back solid in chestnut brown, eyes: male deep sunken in hazel, face: male generic, nose: male generic, lips: full heart natural in rose light nude matte.

the girl, skin color: neutral 03 brows: thin arch high in deep brown, hair: Long high ponytail in light brown, eyes: female generic in blue green, face: diamond, nose: defined natural lips: full heart pouty in rose light nude matte

Tell me if you need anymore details x


Oh ok I will make it right now


What outfits do you want them to wear


Do you want me to show half of the character or whole character.