Need Help for Character Spot Directing

Spot Directing Problem
So I’m creating the first background scene and things of my story and unfortunately the unmistakable script mistake comes as a distraction.
After exiting zoom mode from the main character and panning the camera to zone 2, I willed the camera to follow the main character and am expecting for the love interest to already be in his/her position by the time the camera pans to zone 2, so I can make them bump into one another and fall to the ground (a bit cliche romantic connection yet classic).
Instead of that, I ended up with the camera panning to zone 2, then the MC following, and once the camera reaches zone 2, the screen waits for a second before the LI appears and begins performing his actions.
If anyone knows the command to make the LI already appear on screen before the MC gets there and collides, please help! And if you have a script template ready for the bumping and colliding scene, could you comment it?
Help would be most appreciated! BTW, check out my post: Background Characters for Limelight Needed and enter a character to appear in my story! :blob_hearts: :yay:

When I did a scene like this is put
@LI stands offscreen right
&MC walks to spot x y % in zone #
&LI spot x y % in zone #
@pan to zone # in __

Let me know if this works for you :slight_smile:

Thank you katrinawunder! Really appreciate it.

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