Need help for cover

I’m writing this story on mobile. It’s Boss Lady by Prima in the drama section. So far I wrote 10 episodes. Can you guys please read my story and design a cover for me? I have no idea how to do it!


I could make a cover for you!


If you already hadn’t picked I can. Or @Mimi0829 can do large I can do small only if you want. I don’t want to force you!

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Me too, but if you’ve already chosen, no pressure!
Btw, once you have chosen your artist pls notify the other people so we know and will stop waiting for an answer.


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Omg guys thank you so much :heart::heart: @Mimi0829 @L.I.W.F @AngelinaTheUnicorn I haven’t chosen anyone yet. I really appreciate your help. I’d would love any of your help :kissing_heart:

Okay then, what are the derails? I need

Character details
Any text

Hey! If you haven’t picked anyone yet, I’d be happy to help! :heart::heart:

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It’s about a normal teenage girl dating the most popular guy in school. Her parents are suddenly killed and she moves in with her boyfriend. Then her boyfriend starts to cheat on her and soon abuse her. She gets pregnant and her child dies because of his beatings. Then she takes control, starts her own gang to avenge the death of her parents and her child. Over time she also frees many victims.

Here’s a picture of the initial gang. The pink haired girl is the boss lady.

@_unicorn I haven’t picked any yet. I’d be glad if you would help :heart:

I’d like to help, if you’d like.

Some examples:

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Omg these are perfect :heart: please help me out!

Here’s my description. You can also find my story Boss Lady by Prima in the drama section. Thank you so much :heart::heart:

I can help you! @Prima

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Thank you @Cindy please help me out. I haven’t picked anyone yet. I’d love it :heart:

Request here! @Prima :point_down:t4::point_down:t4:

Cindy’s Art Shop :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Okay thanks! I will get right to it! I might decide to draw it and it may take some time so, please don’t think I’m not working on it, I am. Thanks!

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I help too want something like this

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It’s great :heart: help me out!

Hey @L.I.W.F are you still working on my cover?

Yeah sorry my family went on VK so, yeah I’m still working on it sorry.

I made this. If you use credit be by my name L.I.W.F and my instagram mother_of_the_elements