Need help for covers


Please I’m writing my first story ever and would like if someone could make a cover for me. Thanks in advance


Id love to help. You can see examples and request at my thread “Bubbles Bubbly Cover Art Thread”!


Thanks I lot I’ll send my request in now


Hey! I don’t make covers but I do make splashes if you want one for your story I’m glad to make some for you. Go check out my splash thread for examples:


OMG I love those
I’ll only need two or three
Thanks for reading.
Please this story uses sound.
Thanks so much for your help


I will be glad to make you some. Can you go to the thread and request it cause I have a bunch of orders and keeping track of them would be much easier on the thread. Also can you include what theme you would like and what colors?


What is a “splashes”?


Here is my thread check it out and you’ll find out, But anyway splashes are stuff like “Intros, Outros, Warning Mature themes, Turn up your sound” that sort of thing.


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