Need Help For Dressing Game

Duplicate labels aren’t allowed in an episode and it makes sense because it’s like a checkpoint to go to. If you have label PARK in your episode twice and once the script reaches goto PARK, it will be like which label PARK do I go to? I am sooooo confused, should I go to the one on line 40 or 150? Help me! Luckily, this rule is only for 1 episode each.

So when you change the second dressing game within your episode, say to:

label dressing_game_2

The goto(s) of that dressing game need to all change to goto dressing_game_2, thus they would be leading to that specific dressing game since a goto leads to a label it shares the same name with.

So for label dressing_game_1 the goto say goto dressing_game_1 but for label dressing_game_2 the goto would say goto dressing_game_2.

For the 2nd dressing game, if you forget to change a goto and leave it with 1, well, it’s just say, it will go back all the way to the first dressing game. As the reader reads your story, they will totes have deja-vu and be like “haven’t I already had this conversation with this person?”

Just to repeat: goto leads to a label it shares the same name with. More info here: 🖤 HOW TO: Labels and Gotos 🖤 :rose:

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