Need help for Error messages

i don’t really get what this meant

You have 2 Labels named: the_end

It means you have used the label the_end more than once. Which you can’t do. Have you written label instead of goto maybe?

@Minoesje @Jade.epi the thing is actually did use goto and the red “X” didn’t appear anywhere but the message did appear

Can you show the script

The only two places I used the label the_end


When you click on the error, where does it lead you to?

the start of the whole script

Can you post that part?

At the start of the script, does it say:

label the_end (like a warning symbol next to it)


OK, that’s weird. So, when you went over your whole script, how many times did you spot label the_end?

this is the only two times I used the_end


Can you PM me your script so I can have a look to see where the error is? :blush: