Need Help for Limelight Story


I want to write a Limelight story in a college setting.
Things I know right now:

• The main character will be female
• The professor or instructor will be male

Things I need suggestions for:

  • If you have any ideas for names, please let me know
  • What should the character major in?
  • College or University?

Thanks in advance!


For first point: can let the readers choose the main character’s name.
For the second point, can let the readers choose the main character’s major.
And for the last point, it does not matter which one is used, both are awesome educational institutions^^


So first.

College or University well depends.
If you choose University it’s cool because you can to the initiation haha.
And you can let the readers choose for the rest or go on the internet to search for ideas !


The characters name will be set but customization will be available for the MC and professor or instructor.

As for the major, I have an idea in mind but I’m not 100% sure if I’ll use it. But I don’t think they’ll be able to choose their major.


What is your idea ?


I was thinking something in Law for a major as I took a class on it in high school… not sure yet though. I may change my mind about it.

I may choose to Business because that’s what I went to school for.


Those are good ideas…

Will you continue your story when she is done school and ready for the work life ?


Possibly… not sure.

Do you have any name suggestions for female and male characters?


Male : Noah - Jacob - Austin - Asher - Blake - James - Charlie - Lucas - Jessie - Nathan - Oliver - Eric - Edward - Jake - Dylan… but these are some I like, you can search like list of boys name on the internet

Female : Lory - Stephanie - Dylan - Mindy :wink: - Mary… I’m lacking of ideas sorry . In this case, internet might be your best friend :smile:


Any suggestions on last names? I will likely search the internet but I like hearing people’s suggestions too :slight_smile:


There could be

Nicolson, Lovensky, Anderson, Hills, Everly, Clark, Smith, Parker… The ones I have in mind right now !


Love it!


Thank you so much for your help!


Anytime ! :sunny: