Need help for my first story



It would be a big help if you guys will help me with my first story. Thanks in advance! :blush:


No problem! What do you need help with?


So, one of my problems is by zooming into the character that I want and I watched some tutorials but it doesn’t quite help. I got 3 characters that I want to zoom into from but when I tried to do the same thing in some tutorials, the zooming in doesn’t work perfectly. :confused:


So if you’re in the portal, you do preview. then when it previews on the scene you want, do directing helper and press zoom. There’s focus and zoom and that’s pretty self-explanatory. then on the bottom under preview it shows commands. you press copy and then paste in the script. I hope that helped! If you need more help, feel free to ask or DM me on instagram! @nyancatsstories .


Thank you so much! :blush:


Joseph Evans does some nice episode tutorials if you need some help.


I can help you with some things…in what you need help with?:full_moon_with_face:


Also, one of my problems is idk how to make the multiple characters to walk them together / continuing to walk them together in each zones…


If you want them to exit together:
@CHARACTER1 exits left AND CHARACTER2 exits left
If you want them to walk together:
If you want them to use an animation at the same time:
@CHARACTER1 starts talk_excited AND CHARACTER2 starts talk_neutral

I hope it helped🙂


What if there are 3 of them? Btw, your reply did help :blush: thank youuuuu!


The same:



Hey! I would love to help you with some stuff!


Thank you! Umm… how to follow multiple characters by walking in zone 1 to zone 3? All I know is how to follow one character… :confused:


Okay so this is gonna require a bit of a longer script line so this is how you write it:

@follow CHARACTER 1 to zone 3 AND CHARACTER 2 to zone 3 AND CHARACTER 3 to zone 3


It said that is not a valid directing command :confused:


Are you sure you capitalized everything properly? Because it works just fine for me


Yes. :slightly_frowning_face:


Can you send me a screenshot of the script and the error?



@follow CHAR1 to screen left in zone 3 AND CHAR2 walks to screen center in zone 3 AND CHAR3 walks to screen right in zone 3