Need help for my story plot!

I have been thinking about writing an Episode story for some time now, and I have been thinking about making a story about a girl who meets a guy at a masquerade ball, but I’m not sure if it should be a romance story - where the girl falls in love with the guy behind the mask - or a kind of thriller - where the masked man gets creepy and follows her etc.

I would really love if someone said their honest opinion and maybe had an idea of how the story should continue? I’m really stuck and would appreciate all kinds of help!

Thank you!:sunny:


What about thriller with romance? For example, a very cliched version of it, would be that the guy behind the mask is a mafia gang leader and on and on-

So don’t do that plot. But I think perhaps a thriller with romance woven in would be good, because eventually it can get really hard to keep a romance story going.

Thank you so much! I will keep that in mind!

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Oh I’d love to bounce ideas off with you!

I literally have a bunch of ideas now :slight_smile:

Okay! Wanna talk in pm?

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How about he a serial killer or secret agent that pretend to fall in love with her, but later on he will fall in love for real if that sense.

Oh yea, thank you so much!

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Glad to!

Phantom of the Opera :smiley:

oh my god I’ve got a great idea but it’s kinda a little very much complicated lol.

How can I message it to you? lol internet stuff gets me all kinds of confused :woman_shrugging:

You can message me here on the forums! My Insta is not up yet :))

That sounds great! You could totally combine the two of them otherwise. Ps.
You don’t happen to look for a co-author, do you?

I’m not looking for a co-author right now, but I will let you know if I need one later!:))

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I would love to help out !!!