Need help for placing a character please

Hey there, I need your help.

I started writing my story(INK) a year ago and due to personal matters I couldn’t continue writing up until now. Going over the new features and my written code I tested it in the Preview and now I’ve got the following problem:

I want my Character to be laying on the floor with the following code…

@CHARACTER spot -0.36 90 518 AND CHARACTER is lay_awake_loop AND CHARACTER faces right

But when trying the code and viewing it in the preview, my Character is displayed on spot 0.36 90 518, eventhough the Directing Helper allows me to scale my Character to -0.36 :persevere:

When I was writing the code last year it worked perfectly, it only now shows this problem…
What can I do, to prevent this from happening?

Thank you in advance for helping me! Much appreciated!

Try re-writing it? :thinking:

I already tried that. But it resets the position eitherway…:thinking::persevere:

I want my Character to be laying on the floor facing the floor, you know…


Like this?

exactly! :open_mouth:

Well that’s weird, because I copied what you wrote here into my script and it worked :thinking: :persevere:

Oh man, I think I have to restart my story then, I guess :disappointed:

Thank you @Alexx.lapakka for trying to help me out! :kissing_closed_eyes::hibiscus:

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No problem :heart: You can try to start a new story and see if the problem occurs there too. If yes, then it could be a very annoying glitch :persevere: Sending a support ticket could be a way to fix this :wink::

Good luck and I hope you will get it resolved soon :hugs: :grin:

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Thank you so much! I didn’t know of the support tickets! I’ll definetly try that if it doesn’t work :hibiscus::relaxed:

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Just in case someone else happens to come across the same problem.
Rewriting the story didn’t help. I started trying some stuff out and found a solution:

Adding @remove CHARACTER right before placing them on spot -0.36 XX XX helped getting rid of the glitch :blush: :wink:

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