Need help for roleplay sign ups!


Hey, I was just wondering how to do they sign up for roleplays (the google docs kind) I just can’t figure it out… :frowning:


Like the questions on the RP

or how to make a google form doc?


How to make the google form doc.


I’m not very good at explaining, sorry.

the plus sign is ‘add question’ you can add a multiple choice question, a short answer question, a number question, a long answer question, etc.

The image button is images, video button is images

The two lines is a ‘new section’ button. In the image above, once the person has finished answering the question, it will say next and take them to the next page (unless I change where I want it to go, like where it says ‘continue to next section’ I could make it jump to the end etc)

I currently have this as a short answer, and I’ve also made it required. There is also a duplicate button incase you want to duplicate the question, also a trash button. The three little dots give you the option to add a description like if you wanted to say ‘This is where you but your forum username’ or ‘remember to be detailed!’


What do I do to open that little sign-up on


New -> More -> Google Forms


You’re a life saver! Thank you so much!


np :slight_smile:


Sorry that I’m asking you this, but how do I check the sign up sheets, so I can make that character slides?


Under the response tab, you can check who has submitted their characters.




@Sydney_H can you close this?



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