Need help for somone who is in the US and know about college

So my MC is at college. in chapter 1 she is 21 in the second semester.(can be changed, it doesn’t matter about which class she is in) does the age fit in there or do I need to change it?

later I need it to jump to her graduation. what age would she be there?

also, can she study politic at the college

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21 fits the age group. Unless you are extremely smart. Kids go to college between 18-19 usually right after high school.
The age of graduation depends on what degree she is getting.
Associate’s degree: 2-3 years
Bachelor’s degree: 4-6
Master’s: 6-10 years
It would be for political science.


whats the diffrence?

Each degree increases the amount of knowledge you have in a subject.
A lot of American students generally get a bachelors.


What she said^
It also increases your chances for a better paying job and advancements. Some jobs are advanced that they will require a better degree as well.

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I was 21 for my 3rd year of college and 22 when I graduated from college.

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College?! Pfft

exusme you?

Ahhhhh nothin

why make the comment if you wont even tell why?.

is it the story plot. because if you think you have any idea what I am writhing about. you are wrong.

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No I mean if you want to go to college in real life in my opinion I don’t think you should

I dont.

I live in Europa and I am already done studying in university

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Technically, there really isn’t a definitive “age range” for college/university. Anyone can start and finish college at their own pace, so there’s actually a lot of adults and even senior citizens going to college at a variety of different ages!

Unfortunately, America is the worst when it comes to having a proper, health-conscious educational system, and so they try to make it seem as if starting college when you’re a proper adult is something to be ashamed of. :slightly_frowning_face:

If you’re talking about post-highschool studies in America though, then you’d have to be more specific with what you mean by “second semester”.

Undergraduate studies (up to Associate’s/Bachelor’s Degree) last for around 4 years (depending on whether you’re behind or ahead of your academic track), wherein those years can be split into either the quarter (4 sessions per year), semester (2 sessions per year), or trimester (3 sessions per year) system. The most common one in the US is the semester system, with the quarter and trimester systems being less common and usually specific to certain universities/colleges.

In terms of “age range”, first year undergraduates are typically around 17-19 years old, second years around 18-20, and so forth for the following years. But, like I mentioned before, the age range is not limited, and there are tons of adult/young adult students attending as well.

Sorry if that was too much information all at once, haha. :sweat_smile:


It varies
Money becomes a factor some ppl start college and take a few years off

Theres no real “age range” Heck u have ppl in their 30s and 40s trying to get a degree(which is not weird they blend in like any other student)

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