Need help for this coding scene

This one scene, I tried so many things and had the same coordinates and this scene is Raven trying to run and she starts out giant and then goes to her regular size

I also have a video of what it looks like but I can not send it here, dm me on my insta @epi.violets if you want to help!


It’s because she’s starting at screen center. If you use the codes screen left, screen center, or screen right, the character would automatically set size to 1.280. I would recommend having her start from a spot offscreen. You’d use spot directing for this. (start from a negative x-coordinate)


Thank you that helped a lot, Now she is entering from the wrong side (right) and she should be entering from the left side.

Oh you made the wrong number negative. The first number in spot directing is her size, then the x-coordinate, then y-coordinate. You need to make the second number negative so she gets places offscreen. Let me know if you still get a coding error :blush:

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it worked but she is still entering from the right side

Hmm… can you post a picture of the code?

Okay just have Raven start at the spot without having the “enters left” code.

@RAVEN spot 0.919 -49 123 in zone 1 and RAVEN does it while run_super_speed_loop
@RAVEN walks to spot 0.919 140 124 in zone 1

This should work.

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That worked now the animation doesnt work

I just tried the animation on it’s own line and it did not work

Frick I made a mistake :man_facepalming:
Move the “does it while run_super_speed_loop down to the “walks to spot” code and it should work. Sorry about that :sweat_smile:

ahhh it worked, thank you! so so much

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Ofc!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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