Need help from an identical twin


Hello I am writing a story called Second Try.

Questions for identical twins

  • How is your relationship?
  • Do you like each other?
  • What are most of your fights over?


  • Do you have the same hair colour?

@Sydney_H is this in the right place?


Sorry I can’t relate or help, I only have regular siblings not a twin.


I’m an identical twin I’ll answer these questions.

  1. We are really close and we switch places all the time no one can tell us (not even family)

  2. At Times yes but sometimes it’ll be kinda annoying to have another me.

  3. Our fights are mostly over, us blaming eachother for things the other one did.

  4. Yes we have the same hair color


Thank you


I don’t know if this helps but my uncles are identicle twins
When they were younger they were best friends and always picking on my mom together :joy: they even would switch classses at school. My uncle Wiley hated math so he almost never took it but Tom the other one would take the class for him :sweat_smile: Their relationship now isn’t great they don’t really like each other and don’t talk much do to family issues. They fight about their children the most now…


Ok thank you.


Can I show you my characters to see if it looks right or not




Shall I change the hair of one of them

- Alice
- Sophie


I think you should change the hair of one maybe to a ponytail or something tied up and maybe one a different lip shade (like lip gloss or. Lipstick) only I it goes with your story though!


Yeah sure thanks for your opinion


No probs! If you need to know something else don’t hesitate to ask me.


- Alice
- sophie
@Mimi0829 is that better


Soo much better!!!
Great job!


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