Need Help Getting Camera to Pan As My Character Walks to The Side


I have a scene in which I want my character to walk to the right as she speaks on the phone in the scene EXT. CAMPUS GARDEN - DAY but I want the camera to pan to the side as she walks (keeping her in the center of the screen at all times) but I’m not quite sure how. Could someone please help?


You will need to have the camera pan at the same rate the character is walking.
&CHARACTER walks to spot 1.244 35 357 in zone 3 in 3
@pan to zone 3 in 3

If you are not using spot directions, you can use @follow CHARACTER to screen center in zone 3


If you want the character to be in screen center the whole time (without spotting) use:

@follow CHARACTER to screen center in zone # and CHARACTER does it while animation’s name

You can use whatever animation you want.


Thanks for the help!


Thanks @m-d :slight_smile:


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