Need help having them hold a book

i use (talk_read_book_open_neutral_loop) but didn’t know i had to add the prop for them to hold paper or a book so how do you do it?

These are the LIMELIGHT props. The bold are the book and book like props. Use the @add PROP to CHARACTER.
Baby Swaddle Black Blanket
Baby Swaddle Blue Blanket
Baby Swaddle Footprint Blanket
Baby Swaddle Green Blanket
Baby Swaddle Light Blue Blanket
Baby Swaddle Pink Blanket
Baby Swaddle White Blanket
Baby Swaddle Yellow Blanket
Bagel Cream Cheese
Bagel Plain
Baseball Bat Wood
Binder School Closed Navy Blue
Binder School Open Navy Blue

Clip Board Brown Tan
Coffee Cup To Go
Composition School Closed Grey Black
Composition School Open Grey Black
Cookie Chocolate Chip
Cup Plastic Blue
Cup Plastic Red
Devil Pitch Fork Red
Donut Chocolate
Donut Chocolate Caramel
Donut Chocolate Glossy
Donut Chocolate Sprinkle
Donut Pink Sprinkle
Envelope Grey White
Flashlight Metal Blue
Gun Pistol Black
Medical Chart Folder
Moving Box
Photo Album Closed Blue Oxford
Photo Album Open Blue Oxford
Postcard Hawaii
Sandwich Tomato Lettuce Ham
Sheet Paper White
Spell Book Closed Grey Black
Spell Book Open Grey Black

Text Book Closed Navy Blue
Text Book Open Navy Blue

CALEB (talk_read_paper_neutral)

Same rules as it was in High School. No talking, no cheating, no phones, no food and drinks.

so how would i add that?

@add Text Book Open Navy Blue to CALEB
CALEB (talk_read_paper_neutral)
Same rules as it was…

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ok so how do i take the prop off

@remove Binder School Open Navy Blue from CALEB


i havnt been on here for a year so almost everything changed.
last time they had the guy kneel and bring out his hand like he is going to ask her to marry him.

do they still have it if so what is it??

Ink has talk_give_ringbox
Not sure if he kneels because I haven’t personally used it but that’s the only behavior with a ring

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