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So guys I’m an author (I still didn’t publish my story still working on it tho ) and if u have any questions Feel free to ask me I will try my best to respond



I am desperately seeking help. I am an author and I have one published story.
So I’m having troubles regarding clothing changes when I test my new story on the app.
About 4-5 scenes before the end of episode 1 I offer the reader a chance to choose one out of 3 outfits for the Main Character. She changes into it and everything is great, she’s wearing it in the next scene, that’s fine. Then we don’t see her again and a few different scenes pass. I don’t have any code in there that commands her to change into any other clothing. Then the episode ends. At the beginning of episode 2 I still want her to wear the same outfit the reader chose, I was under the impression (regarding my previous story) that the app saves the choice of clothing from episode 1 and carries it through to episode 2, unless instructed otherwise. But when I test my story on the app and I move from episode 1 to 2 she’s wearing a different outfit which was one of the 3 options offered, but not the actual one I chose. Bare in mind these episode are not published yet, and I test them in the “Create” part of the app.
I can’t seem to remember this happening with my previous story, but it was months ago and as soon as I published it and played it throught the outfits were perfect.

I was wondering if this problem would subside when I publish and save correctly when readers play the story. It would be extremely embarrassing if one of the characters acknowledged the outfit and she was wearing her default outfit, which is not as scandalous as the dialogue suggests.

I hope you could clarify this for me and hopefully just tell me that I’m being paranoid, haha.:grin:

Thank you very much in advance!


Your desperation ends here, babes! :blue_heart:

Now sometimes, since we can move into different scenes in our story, the coding can become confused. So the best thing to do to test it out, would be to reset your story and read it all the way through without interruption or skipping or rewinding. See if it works out.

Now if it doesn’t, no need to panick. There is commands you can use to add in the beginning of the next episode that will add the correct outfit to the character. Let me know if you’d be interested in learning them?


Omg! That might be the thing, I did skip past a few scenes and I should still try it out by resetting.

I would be so so grateful if you could possibly teach me those commands?

Thank you very much for your help!


Awesome! Knowledge is power :facepunch:t3:

So the thing is to use gains and if/elif/else. Are you familiar with any of these terms?


Hey there. I have a question regarding how to zoom out of characters. I am a new writer and this is my first story ever and the zooming out part has got me stuck. Thanks for your help!


Hi, i am Lily. I am a new user of this website and i really need some tips on how to get around the website. Like, how to create my own stories, how to play the stories and stuff like that. If you could get back to me soon it would be much appreciated.



I actually made a guide on zooming. Check it out!:


Thank you SO MUCH!




Since you’re asking basic questions, I think you’ll benefit from reading the beginner Episode guides:



Make sure to like the guide if you found it helpful! :blue_heart:


I actually am, and I used it when initially writing that episode, but it failed me and I change the entire layout of the episode :sob:. Am I just bad luck?
I would test my story and pick an outfit and the wrong one would show up later on… I double checked the names of the gains and they were correct, but yah… it literally worked once. I’ll try and add that again though at the beginning of episode 2. I actually did not know that the gains, if’s and elif’s worked across episodes. So thank you for clarifying that😀.


They do! And they’re life savers. Try adding them back in and if you run into similar issues, feel free to ask for assistance.


Or if you want the same outfit you can use the same things I used as (Idk if this is what you want but here)
label choosing_outfits_1
(umm what should I wear today ?)
choice (clothes 1)
“A dress is fine”{
The girl change and all
“A tank top”{
The girl change and all
“An outfit my bff choose for me”{
The girl change and all

Girl (think)
(Do I really wanna wear this ? )

“Yup I look so cute”{
Yup I look so cute Damn girl
“Nope let me change”{
I can do best for sure
goto choosing_outfits_1

on episode 2 :
if (clothes1 is “A dress is fine”) {
@GIRL changes into outfit_name
elif (clothes1 is “A tank top” ){
@GIRL changes into outfit_name
elif (clothes1 is “An outfit my bff choose for me”){
@GIRL changes into outfit_name


@WILLOW spot 1.218 51 19 in zone 1 at layer 0 AND WILLOW faces right AND WILLOW is think
&JULIANNA spot 1.218 184 25 in zone 1 at layer 0 AND JULIANNA faces left AND JULIANNA is talk_awkward

I’m trying to stop JULIANNA from just popping up in the scene… but she still does… help!


Just switch the commands:

&JULIANNA spot 1.218 184 25 in zone 1 at layer 0 AND JULIANNA faces left AND JULIANNA is talk_awkward

@WILLOW spot 1.218 51 19 in zone 1 at layer 0 AND WILLOW faces right AND WILLOW is think


Oh thanks! :relaxed::relaxed:


But to add more people do I just follow the & and @ pattern or all the &'s first and then @'s?
And do I continue to put spaces between them?


If you want to add people that are already standing there use &
If you want someone to suddenly appear or walk in use @


Thank you so much for the advice!:blush: