Need HELP how do Get characters and background inside a ball

Hi can you help me with something

A crystal ball, I already have that

Ok how do i get the backgrounds and characters inside a crystal ball

You’ll need to create an overlay to go on top of them to make them look like they’re in the crystal ball. This is a good video to watch.

After you watch this, attempt to do this yourself. If you can’t/don’t want to, go to the countless amount of art shops/directing help threads here on the forums.

Your reply is very unhelpful, if you don’t know how to do it. then don’t reply, or delete your reply
Is that video gonna tell me how to put char. and bg in a ball?

I can’t do this myself because i have no idea how to do something I’m asking help for

Their reply is helpful. The video shows you how to do it. You have to make the overlay semi-transparent (using the video!) and overlap it over the characters.


Maybe helpful to yoU, I don’t need to know how to make overlays semi-transparent okay
All I need to know is the thing with the crystal ball

Yes. The video tells you how to make it semi-transparent. That’s how you make it look like they’re in the ball.


In order to do this crystal ball idea, you need to make a semi-transparent overlay. Or else, it won’t work and your characters won’t be under the ball.

You can make overlays semitransparent through manipulating their opacity.

Use a command like this.

@overlay [insert overlay name] opacity [number between 0 to 1, like 0.5].

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Oh well can you list them out, I’m bad at following instuctions ya know :thinking:

Here’s a link to Dara’s website that gives an explanation of overlays.

Have you already uploaded your overlay to the art catalog?


Have you started writing a script using that overlay? If so, post it onto here.

I didn’t start the overlay script yet

I will do it soon and let you know

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Alright. If you need any further help, I recommend checking out Dara’s threads and website. You can try asking for help on this thread.

Dara’s really helpful, and she’s like a coding wizard.

Hi, I’ve made the script

@zoom reset

@cut to zone 2

@overlay 5186667523932160_PURPLE CRYSTAL BALL shifts to 7 145 in zone 2
@overlay 5186667523932160_PURPLE CRYSTAL BALL scales to 1.000 1.000
@overlay 5186667523932160_PURPLE CRYSTAL BALL moves to layer 1

@overlay GHAMALI BEDROOM DAY SIDE TABLE - DAY shifts to 16 8 in zone 2
@overlay GHAMALI BEDROOM DAY SIDE TABLE - DAY scales to 4.817 4.817
@overlay GHAMALI BEDROOM DAY SIDE TABLE - DAY moves to layer -5

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So how do I do it now?

Change the opacity by using @overlay PURPLE CRYSTAL BALL opacity [insert a value between 0 & 1 like 0.5].

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