Need Help: How to take screenshot in preview without directing commands on screen? (limelight)

I want to take a screenshot during a preview for my cover without all the directing commands in the way (directing helper, update script etc)
I heard you are supposed to click on navigation and then “hide debug elements of HUD”
However when I clock navigation the only options I see are: resume, restart episode, scenes, labels, choices, and disable picker

pls help

It’s the first one. You don’t see it on your screen?

Nope! :frowning:


You’re on the web previewer. Go on the app and do it from there, instead.


lol i feel stupid
Thank you so much its working now!

Ha ha no problem and dw, you are not stupid, don’t say that OK :heart:

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Personally, I couldn’t figure out how to write mobile, so I used my computer instead. I would love to help you, but I am unsure as to how mobile works. <3

You can’t do LL on mobile, you can’t do customisation/outfit choice unless you write it in the script and you can only publish from the portal. Also, episode are scrapping mobile creation sadly so I would advise writing from the portal :blush:

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