Need help, if anyone of you have experience this thing!

Hi guys, my account twitter has been locked just because i add on my birthday despite i am 20 years old, lmao. I already make an report and they say they will keep on update with me with they progress and they are unable to unlock it but until now theres no update :sob: . I really want my account twitter back yall i cant live without twitter lmao. hahahhaah . Reply this if anyone of you have experience this kinda thing :kissing_heart: . Your feedback is really2 important.


This happened to me. I’m done with twitter

you didn’t get back ur account?

Nope I’m still waiting and that was three years ago

wtf HAHAHAH, :joy: omg that was long. Did u make a report? Or send you id card?

Both. We spent hours on the phone they just were not helpful

Really, but why some of them got their account back ey

don’t know

I guess just certain peeps

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