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I need help! Its about spot directing scaler, so when I was trying to change the height of the kid avatar and when I saved the story and I reread it the height didn’t change, it was the same height with no changes at all.

Did you copy and paste the new scale direction after changing it in the previewer? The text that shows up under the previewer needs to be put into the script.

Hii! I was wondering if I make my character customisable how am I meant to make family members have the same hair /eye /skin colour when I’m not sure what the reader chose there character to look like. Is there a certain piece of coding I can include?

Here is a website that helps.
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I need some help.

So, I would like my outfit choices to affect the next part after the scene ends.

For example,

she chooses her outfit in her room.
After a choice is made, she leaves her room, it fades out and the character is ready to move on to the next scene.

if the character wears something comfortable, she will now go to a specific spot and interact with specific characters,

if she wears something sexy, she will now go to yet another place and interact with other characters again, if that makes sense?
Here is my script:

label dressing_game

    FIRSTNAME (talk_think_neutral)
What do I want to wear?

choice (OUTFIT_1)
“Something sexy” {
@FIRSTNAME changes into FIRSTNAME_sexy
FIRSTNAME (flirt_fingerbite_sexy)
I will make everyone turn their heads for me. I’ll be the talk of the school.

“Something to fit in” {
@FIRSTNAME changes into FIRSTNAME_fitin
FIRSTNAME (talk_excited_happy)
This is perfect! I don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard.

“Something comfortable” {
@FIRSTNAME changes into FIRSTNAME_comfortable
FIRSTNAME (flirt_liftchin_receive_shy)
This is comfortable and will not make me stand out.


@FIRSTNAME walks to screen center in zone 2

@pause for a beat

    FIRSTNAME (think_rubchin)
(Shall I wear this or try something else?)

“Wear this outfit.”{

    FIRSTNAME (idle_headbob_neutral_loop)
(This is perfect!)

“Try something else.”{

goto dressing_game

FIRSTNAME (callout_neutral)
I’m coming mom!
@FIRSTNAME exits left


Hi there! This might sound like the easiest thing to fix or the silliest question, but I am not an expert in coding. :joy: I was just wondering how to add in a character that you can then customise. I’ve added in the CC template but no character appears and can be seen being edited. If you could help me fix this issue, I would really appreciate the help! Thank you! (:

Hi! I need help with moving my speech bubbles. I have the coordinates just have no clue where to put them in the script without an error. Thanks darlin x

Hi! I’m not an expert either I can feel you with that one :expressionless:. You’ll have to make that specific character enter first then have the narrator ask the reader if they’d like to customise. If so add in a choice. For the customisation choice that’s where you have to add the template. Hope this helped! :hearts:

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You can put it anywhere in the script, before the dialogue you’re trying to place. I usually put it directly above the dialogue :slight_smile:

YES! It’s worked thank you :hearts: :hearts:

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I am new here i want my reader to customize their character and even i did but in the end when i want to continue with my script it says error unexpected character
Please help

we need to see the part of the script where you have this error…this one often appears when you write dialogue all in Caps - like this


If this is the case either use a small letter or something like this



bUt it can be also different reason not seeing your script I am only guessing…

Ok, that makes sense! I’ll give it a go, thank you! (:

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Hi! I’m a new and young writer and I’m really confused about how I can make a screen shake while my character talks because I want my character to shout out a word but also the screen shaking at the exact same time ? How can I put this in coding ? And what would the template look like?

I have put all the commands to edit the character but now I want to continue my script with that customize the character. How to do it??

the shaking is done with zooms - you zoom a bit to the left and then to the right in a short time.

to make it happen so the character screams while the shake is happening you will write the zooms in 1 line using THEN and &

&zoom… THEN zoom…THEN zoom…
Talking goes here.

Hello! I’m getting this error, what did I do incorrect?

I’m new to writing so i’m not the best at it, so it’d mean a lot if someone could help.
So i have used this
@ follow MAEVE to screen right in zone 3 AND MAEVE is run_athletic_neutral_loop
to make my character go on a run.
But i’ve tried so many ways and i can’t seem to get my charcater to talk whilst she’s running.
Sorry if i’m being an inconvenience!

There is no talking animation for running, only walking.