Need help! I'm here without a clue what to get to my niece


Hey there! My lil niece has her first B-Day soon! And I have no idea about a gift :frowning: Found some ideas here , but I’m not sure… Can you help? Thanx in advance for your replies!


What types of things does she like?


Unfortunately I can’t ask. I mean I can of course, and I did, but she didn’t answer:grinning:
Maybe something like Teddy Bears or any other soft toys. On the other hand, I was thinking about smth, that develops hand motility. Really difficult decision for me:cry:


Does she like dolls/figures? Maybe something Disney related?


How old is she?


Almost 1


Maybe something that helps her walk? Fun, but helpful. Maybe something like these:


My baby sister has one and she loves it


Good idea


i searched walker toys for babies and went to the shopping tab


Who knows… She just put everything in her mouth! :sweat_smile: It seems she doesn’t care at all!


Sounds so much like my lil’ sister XD


Going to talk to her mom and ask… Maybe she’ll help :grinning:




I think the walker things are gonna be best for her.


Children of this age are all the same, I think…


Maybe get her some little toys she can play with. Usually at that age they start teething, so I having something to chew on would be good :joy:


:thinking: Good idea!


Thanks, guys, for your help!


These popper toys are great.