Need help in coding or Directing or making a episode story ask here

I’m not much of a help but if another writer finds this they can answer your question

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Hi! Are you looking for someone to be a co-author with you, or do you just need a little help?

no not co-author I already have my story planned half but I really need some help in coding

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I’ll be able to help you. What kind of coding help do you need?

Literally in everything :grimacing: are you willing to take the risk :zipper_mouth_face:

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I’ll try as much as possible. You don’t know how to code at all?

I know a little bit of spot directing I know how to put and remove overlays and props cc and NC that’s about it… how much do you know?

I know how to do basic and advanced spot directing, gifs, simple mini games, add/remove/animate overlays, create word overlays

You can PM me, I’m on here almost all the time in quarantine lol
I can help with whatever you need and give you little tips and tricks in coding that I’ve learned along the way if you still need someone :blush:

Right now ive actually gotten a problem with a car scene can you fix it?

i need as much as help i can get

What’s wrong with the scene? If you want to describe it and post your code we can help.

the car won’t appear

You haven’t created or set the opacity of the overlay. You will need to do

&overlay CAR SIDE PINK create AND overlay CAR SIDE opacity 1 in 0

before line 2562.

still not working

Maybe try
&overlay CAR SIDE PINK create AND overlay CAR SIDE PINK opacity 1 in 0

You need the full word: CAR SIDE PINK instead of CAR SIDE

Use the background

Background (the name of it) with overlay(the name of it)
@car opacity 1 in 0

it worked thank you, :kissing_heart:

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I really don’t know what to do, I checked over multiple times and it says there is an error on line ## that it doesn’t have a closing } but it does. Can anyone help?

You will need to show us your script.