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“Go bond somewhere more private.”{

readerMessage Xander will remember you listened to what he wanted

    CARMEN (talk_neutral)
Let's go somewhere else.

    XANDER (talk_agree_happy)
Ok but we have to walk through the party again!

@CARMEN exits right
@XANDER exits right


music music_80srock_lp

    CARMEN (laugh_giggle)
This music is amazing though!

@CARMEN is dance_whip_loop
@pause for 1

    XANDER (laugh_chuckle)
Come on we gotta go!

@CARMEN exits right
@XANDER exits right

music off


    CARMEN (laugh_giggle)
Well thats pretty cool

sound ambient_thunderstorm_lp

    XANDER (talk_exclaim_no_worried)
It's starting to rain!

@CARMEN exits right AND CARMEN is run_loop
@XANDER exits right AND XANDER is run_loop

ambient_thunderstorm_lp off


sound ext_countryromanticwaterfall_day

    CARMEN (react_shocked_awe)

    XANDER (laugh_chuckle)
I know. Beautiful right.

    CARMEN (talk_awkward_loop)
I love it.

    XANDER (talk_unsure)
Swim time?

    CARMEN (talk_confused_mindblown)
Um? Now? Here?

    XANDER (talk_sheepish_rubneck)
Yes here and now. No one else is around.

@zoom on 3 435 to 380% in 1

@CARMEN is flirt_wink_atcamera
@pause for 2

@zoom reset

(Sounds fun?)


readerMessage Xander will remember you bonded with him

    CARMEN (talk_agree_happy)
That sounds amazing sure!

@XANDER is laugh_chuckle

@CARMEN is dustoff_neutral_loop
@CARMEN change into CARMEN_beach

    CARMEN (talk_neutral)
Are you changing?

    XANDER (flirt_coy)
I like to go in fully clothed

@CARMEN is laugh_crackup

sound body_splash


To be continued...


readerMessage Xander will remember you left him there alone

    CARMEN (talk_awkward_loop)
I am pretty tired. I am just going to head home...

    XANDER (talk_sad_exhausted)
Oh ok sure!

@CARMEN exits left


To be continued...


Try putting “No” on the same line as the other option ends instead of putting it a line after. If not this error is usually caused when there is an error inside of the brackets.

It still says the same thing so there is probably an error in the brackets. I have looked over it and I am not sure what it is so I will just look again. Thanks anyway

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hey so im making a story and im so confused on how to get the camera to follow the character or how to make the character go into a spot. ive grasped the concept of how to enter into a scene and animate it but i just get a character error every time i try walking my character to another spot or when i try make my character walk into a zone and want the camera to follow. i dont want my character to be in the center either lol

here is what ive tried so far

@me walks to spot … in zone … AND YOU animation
any help?

@ME walks to spot (spot number) in zone (zone number) AND ME is animation

to get the camera to follow use @follow CHARACTER

does anyone know where i can make split screen

Any photo editing program, ie. Canva, Krita, Procreate, Photoshop, etc.

these aren’t free or they show watermark I’ve previously submitted an overlay but it got rejected because of the watermark

Get a background then split it in half on pixlr it is free.

Canva is free and does not show a watermark. I believe Krita is also free, but I’ve never used it so I’m not sure about the watermark.

yes canva is free but how do you get the shape

Using their elements tab you can select shapes and assets to make the screen split.

Alright i’m back with my stupid questions…
So I’ve seen the story ‘Court Me’ and in that there is a scene of the tw characters texting and in the messages he sends a picture I wanna know how to do that

You’d probably have to use an overlay. There might be another way though, I’m not sure.

Ok… then do you know how to make the character from waking away during a dressing game

stop walking away*

What do you mean…?
If it says @CHARACTER exits right you can just remove that line… is that what you’re talking about?

after the dressing game the character exits but not before choosing when I review it the character leaves before the reader can choose

but i want the character to exit though…