Need help in directing

Why is this HAPPENING in the line
Margurite (talk_excited)
Help me

You should capatalize the name like this MARGURITE.This would remove the error.

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Oh thx

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Also, you should capitalize the H in Hey otherwise it wouldn’t save properly either.


One more thing

If I want Margurite to come from left what should I write

Plz help


@MARGURITE enters from left to screen center

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If you have further questions PM me, I’ll be happy to help. :slightly_smiling_face:


Moved to Directing Help & Tips as that’s where scripting questions live! Did you get your question answered @Sania? :slight_smile:

It happens

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You are again writing the name in small letters.Name of the character must be capatalized every where in the script

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Oh so much sorry!!!

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How do you do transitions for time on limelight? Like in class or in the bedroom, how do you do the clock thing?

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@transition iris in black 2


There’s no such a command like “comes from”