Need help in few things!

Hey! I have these few problems in my story, I hope someone can help me in these!

  1. How do i get a character to move (example) from bottom to the middle like sliding not actually walking? Like some authors do?
  2. How can you walk backwards?
  3. How can you make like if you need a lot of characters in the stage, how do you start it without waiting 10 seconds ( waiting to the chars to be in their place) and then something happends.
  4. If your character needs to shut off door or something like that ( 2 different backgrounds, one closed one open) how do you keep the characters on the stage without it reseting them and they appear again.
  5. If in one episode you need to customise your hair and lips 2 times, I get warnings do I need to change the labels to different because in the other one ( later) it continues with the scene after the customise ( which has already been played)
    Thanks I hope this wasn’t too hard to understand!

Hey. I hope I can help you out.

  1. &CHARACTER walks to spot x y % AND CHARACTER does it while animation
    @CHARACTER walks to spot x y % AND CHARACTER is animation

  2. @CHARACTER walks to spot AND CHARACTER faces side
    Change side to the way you want the character to be facing, for the effect of the character walking backwards.

  3. Use the ampersand (&). :slight_smile:

  4. You unfortunately have to re-place them.

  5. I don’t understand, so I can’t help you with that, sorry. :frowning:

I hope this helps you out! PM me if you have any more questions! :wink:

~ Winter :snowflake:

in the 5th, I meant that i give the reader a chance to change hair style and lip color. I use the same script 2 times, in one episode. It gives me warnings, that the labels have been used 2 times.Do i need to change the labels? Or why doesn’t it work.

Yeah, you’ll have to change the label names.
Say the first one is called:
Label lipstick

Name the second one:
Label lipstick1

But remember to change the gotos. :wink:

Okay thank you so much!

@CARACTER spot x y
@CHARACTER walks to spot x y in t (time) AND CHARACTER is behavior
Basically, all you have to do is add a behavior to the character while it’s moving.
@CHARACTER spot x y
@CHARACTER walks to spot x y in t (time) AND CHARACTER faces right
Character has to face in other direction at the same time he walks
Use & instead of @
You have to re-place them anyway
You have to change the label an goto names for another template. You can’t use the same name for many templates in one episode. For example label_DRESSING and label_DRESSING won’t work
label_DRESSING and label_DRESSING_2 will work.

No problem. PM me if you have any more questions! :wink:

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Did you get answers to your questions? :slight_smile:

if you want to walk backwards just do @CHARACTER walks to spot x y % AND CHARACTER faces whatever side they are facing. (right or left). does that make sense?
if you don’t understand just PM me and i will try to explain it better!

Yes I did!

Btw, how do you use locked choices that you can really unlock, depending on what you chose sometime earlier… I can put the locked thing but I can’t make it like someone can unlock it…

I believe you have to use the if/elif/else code and gains for that. Check out @Dara.Amarie’s thread on that or PM me with any other questions. :wink:

Closing as it seems the original question got answered :slight_smile: