Need help in figuring this out

I need help to see what I am doing wrong.
I am trying to do outfit choices.
I received the "Expected Character or SCENE change message.
Down below is part of what I have on my chapter.

@ROSE changes into ROSE_sexy 2

ROSE (think_rubchin)
This outfit is very nice don’t you think?

ELISA (talk_agree_happy)
I agree.

What do you think of this outfit?

“It is beautiful” {

Anyone who can help me will be greatly appreciated.

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Hey if you want to do a dressing game Dara has different dressing games on her website that are very helpful as well as other templates and tips .

Thank you so much. Honestly, I am new to all this.

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It’s all good , I understand where your coming from.
If you haven’t already I would recommend checking out Joseph Evans on Youtube. He has some tutorials on how to do coding that help out .

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