Need help in mini game please 👀 (8)

Why the mushroom doesn’t appear on the pizza?



I don’t know but I’m sure @Catniss Can help


Have you made sure that the overlay T_MUSHROOMS has been correctly uploaded to your portal?


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It’s in review so you’ll have to wait until its approved

It might be that but I don’t think so when I upload ol’s your still able to use them but you will get a side error saying that they are still in review and if you publish that episode(s) that have some in review still the reader won’t see it until it’s approved.

Since it’s someone else’s template I would ask them how they got it to work because right now it’s not working for you .

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It’s epi rebellion template and they don’t answer their Dms on Instagram :woman_facepalming:t3:

hey. I dont mean to be this person, but it shows on epi.rebellions rules that u cant post any of their templates online. I have the template on my end and it works completely fine. I’ll pm it to u and I would take this off of the forums only cause if they notice u posted this, they could ban u from using their temp

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Yeah I know that and I was planning to remove the photos after having a solution thank you for warning me and sure you can Pm the template


Does this happen with just the mushrooms or when you try to add other ingredients too?

I’d message the creator of the template: heybx.episode. If you try reaching out to her and still have no luck I can talk to her about reaching out to you since I myself am part of epi.rebellion, but I’m sure you’ll be able to get ahold of her on her personal account. Only admins of the page have access to it, so she likely wouldn’t see the message anyway

heybx.episode account isn’t active since 2021 and didn’t post anything since then so that’s why I didn’t Dm her :woman_shrugging:t3: I’ll try @Jpassen template if it worked then the problem is solved if it didn’t I’ll please ask you to talk to her. Thank you :revolving_hearts:

Mushrooms only

I see that it is solved, did you find out what was causing the problem? Ive been looking at it for ages but couldn’t find anything wrong lol

I didn’t but @Jpassen sent me another template that works for her and it worked for me too :woman_shrugging:t3:

Can I get the template for it? Looks cool

She can’t just give the template here since they don’t allow that, but you can find them here (along with their rules)


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