Need help in Promoting my Story

I promote my story a lot on Instagram and throughout the forums. None of it seems to be working for me because I am not gaining a lot of reads on a story that I released last year in October. My story currently has 365 reads, and I don’t know why. Therefore, I do need a bit of help in getting the word out within the Episode community about my story. If you’re willing to help me, please comment down below .

Thank you in advance!

Have you tried supporting other authors? Messaging them, saying their story is good if you loved it? Sometimes, they like to return the favor…and you never know, you may gain an ally in the Episode community to whom you can talk with :smile: :black_heart:

I’ve contacted MANY authors on Instagram about how good their stories are. I do support other authors because that is what we’re supposed to do. But, unfortunately, I haven’t found anyone that would an Episode friend to me.

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There are communities that help small authors. The IG account smallepisodeauthors is a page ran by a girl who really supports the community. My name on IG is @sam.episodes send me a message with your story link. I’ll read it and promote it :heart:

i just wanna mention my story i did release four years ago only have 372

but like i have discountined it two years ago. so i dont think anyone reads it

I’m familiar with some small episode authors pages on Instagram because I actually support them :slight_smile: I am going to send you the message with my story link shortly.

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Anyone else who liked to help me? I don’t mind another person helping me :slight_smile: Just contact me on Instagram @brianam.stories.

Thank you!

Yeah, I agree with Sam, there’s a lot of support groups on IG, review groups on there as well as on the Forums and you can shout out your story in any Promote Your Story thread following the requirements of what the OP wants. You can also share your story in Share Feedback where people can tell you what they think of your story. Episode is a big community, you’ll find tons of helping hands willing to help you! Also…wait, I’m confused…do you need help in finding an epi bestie or promoting your story? Or both? If promoting your story, try the things above and if finding an epi bestie, I recommend talking to people-start with non-episode stuff.

Okay then. Thanks for your help.

No problem :smile: