Need help in split screen call

I’ve added a loop background with a character and a car overlay…Nd i wanted to use a overlay of another background to split screen but the overlay is showing behind the car rather than in

front of it…I have tried to do layers but it still in that position

Can you show a picture of your script so we can see how it’s coded?

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Put the car on layer 3 for example, then the bg you want in front - on layer 4

Still not working 4 me…M gonna cry :sob:

Sure…Hlp me :pleading_face:

The name of the overlay is CAR FRONT PURPLE - you forgot to add PURPLE on lines 96 and 97

Ty for reminding but still it’s not working :sob:… Wht should i do

You can also delete all the numbers and the _ before the overlay name VDOCALL