Need help inspiration

Guyss… i need some inspiration…I’m trying to write my story but I can’t take myself to think of what to do in my MC dream it has to be like announcement like when the MC parents like say that they are having a baby and then…something happens…like something bad an attack or something?..Need the inspiration



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Well, for starters you could have them walk into your MC’s room all happy and excited. And then after they announced it something bad happens. (or good whichever.)

Is this a funny story or a serious story? Because if it was funny it could be like “We’re adopting!” “Yay! Who is it.” “You remember Milly from school?” “Nooooo.”

It’s more a serious story bc it’s about wolves and all that stuff idk like I should do sis for the MC like a secret sister… but idk

@Sydney_H Solved. Closed please

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: