Need help joining two images to make a background

Could anyone merge these two for me? I’m unsure how to do it. You can see where they join. The second image comes first btw. Thanks.

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Yes but can you hide the connecting line a little more? Also would you like to be credited?

Does this work?

I can try! And you don’t have to :see_no_evil:

Actually nevermind the other one is better. Use hers. :grin:

I like yours. Can you just hide the connecting line a little more and that’s it.

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The part at the bottom, the rest is fine.

Is this better?

The bottoms great now but the top of the line doesn’t look as neat now.

Sorry but i’m not perfect :woman_shrugging:t2:. I tried to fix it but can’t. :grin:

Can you try once more? I understand you’re not perfect.

I dont think I can. I can’t get it lined up perfectly no matter what I do. I would find someone else. :grin:

That’s ok. Thanks for your help.

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What about this?

This is the correct size as no one else was giving you the correct size, and i blurred the line a little to be sure it doesn’t show!!