Need help, ll story

The main character, Guinevere’s the tallest girl in school.
How can I make it appear like that?


you can use spot directing

How can i use that?

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uhmm watch the yt video from joseph evans! you have directing helpers in review and then spot directing and with move you can make them bigger or smaller



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np :slight_smile:

When you spot someone, you write this:
@CHARACTER spot 1.280 84 13
The first number is the size (%) of the person. Make sure it’s a little bigger than the rest of the characters.
The third number (Y) indicates in which part of the vertical plane is located. Make sure it’s a little higher than the rest of the characters.

Preview this little script to see the example.
Character1 will be the tall girl, and character2 can be anyone.

@CHARACTER1 spot 1.280 100 6 AND CHARACTER2 spot 1.258 213 0
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat

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