Need help making 3 characters walk in to a place at the same time

How would I have three characters walk to a spot at the same time

Use & instead of @
Or write everything in one line

could u possibly show an example i am new to the whole coding thing

@CHAR1 walks to screen center
&CHAR2 walks to screen center
&CHAR3 walks to screen center


thanks. also how do you like position people. like how to position people scale characters in certain spots, like having people dancing or talking in the back ground of a party or scene

Here is a guide I made regarding this very subject:

If you using INK you can check the script templates also copy them and change animations if you’re using Limelight :slight_smile:

thank you for the help. also any tips or advice for a new writer/ coder i think

We always happy to help! So you can ask away :grin: the most important this is to take your time, learn how to code and write a story that you can be proud of :smiling_face:

More tips and tricks here and check episodelife website for script templates, backgrounds and more!


@Apes thanks for the support and if it wouldn’t be to much to ask could you possibly read my some of my story Deadly Love and give feed back on it, so like i know if i need to change anything in my story or if it is even good or bad.

Sorry if that is to much to ask. I just want to know if my story is good or not or even if i should even continue writing it. :pensive:

I left you a message on instagram :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know how to have someone looked like they are pushed over in episode ink? Or something that looks kind of like that

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