Need help making minigame

So I do not understand how to make a tappable minigame, I’ve tried to yse templates but none of them are what i want

I want to use 3 overlays and have the reader pick them in a specific order, i cant figure out how to do this and make it tappable

Hey. Here’s a code example of how to do this.
Let’s say the reader has to tap on the fruit in this order: apple, cherry, banana. The fruit is only tappable in this exact order, meaning if they click on the wrong one, nothing happens until they click on the correct one.

Pick the fruit in the following order: apple, cherry, banana.
Good luck.

@pause for 0.1 #this is so the speech bubble disappears

label fruit_game

"APPLE" if ([NOT apple]) {
@overlay APPLE opacity 0 in 0.5
gain apple
goto fruit_game
"CHERRY" if (apple) {
@overlay CHERRY opacity 0 in 0.5
gain cherry
goto fruit_game
"BANANA" if (cherry) {
@overlay BANANA opacity 0 in 0.5
goto end_game

label end_game
Congrats! You picked the fruit in the right order.

Here’s a tutorial on that code:

Good luck! I hope this helps :hugs:

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